We offer custom solutions for tool maintenance. You determine the extent to which you want to make use of our expertise. Do you simply need support for sharpening, or would you like full-service cutter head maintenance?

Grinding Service

Oerlikon Tool Grinding Cell B 27
Model of closed-loop concept

Our grinding service provides comprehensive service ranging from the production of new stick blades to grinding and recoating, all the way to delivery of fully assembled cutter heads.

In collaboration with our Application Engineering department, we also handle tool design, data generation and preparation of drawings, and optimization of tool geometries and thus also tool service life.

Use our experience to your advantage:

  • Tool design, data generation and preparation of drawings.
  • Optimization of tool geometries.
  • Tool production (high-precision cutter heads and carbide stick blades).
  • Sharpening service (maintenance of complete cutter heads or grinding and coating of carbide stick blades). Grinding takes place on our Oerlikon Tool Grinding Cell B 27.
  • Extremely accurate tool presetting on Oerlikon Cutter Set-Up Device CS 200.

Your Grinding Service Contacts

Contact our grinding service locations in Germany, USA, Mexico, India and Japan:

Germany: info(at)


Mexico: info(at)

India: info(at)

Japan: ask-service-klj(at)