Klingelnberg AG Starts Subsidiary In India

New Representation Founded

In March 2011 Klingelnberg has founded their new fully owned subsidiary in Pune, India: Klingelnberg India Pvt Ltd. This step is the logical culmination of  Klingelnberg's vision to acknowledge the importance of the Indian market as well as to realize the customers' long standing demand to have more presence in their backyard.

Starting mid-July of this year, Klingelnberg India Pvt Ltd, will offer stick blade re-grinding and coating services for HSS and carbide blades to all current and potential customers from under one roof. This service will be jointly provided with Oerlikon Balzers Coating India Ltd.

Klingelnberg will place the state-of-the-art B 27 automated Blade grinding Cell and BC 10 checking machine at this new facility. The customers can readily profit from Klingelnberg's ability to offer accurate grinding of complex blade profiles in a closed-loop environment. Customers will further benefit from Balzers' established coating services and well-proven logistical support across India. Reduced capital outlay for tooling and a reliable partner for tool related services will allow customers to concentrate their energy and time on what they do best – making good quality spiral bevel gears.